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Students at the SDGE media center at HCC  Internship career fair


Progressive music for Progressive people - Mr. Gaynor


S.D.G.E. is an independent, multi-media production company and label that specializes in GOOD music. S.D.G.E. was created to give Interns the power to control their creative ambitions and visions. The benefits we offer to our customers, clients, and Internships. include artistic integrity, professionalism, timeless music, exceptional customer service, and consistent innovation.


Our story started when S.D.G.E. was ask to participate in the Howard Community College Career Fair. Out of all the Employers there some being fortune 500 companies. S.D.G.E. had highest turn out within in an hour over 75 students had signed up to join  S.D.G.E. for an internship/career Opportunity. S.D.G.E. wants to give it's Interns the opportunity to fully understand all aspects of the Entertainment Industry.  Live music venues give college students first hand  experience in marketing, promotion, and most importantly live performance.  Interns gain a priceless  experience that will stay with them for the rest of there life!

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